Errors and Response Codes

All API methods return a HTTP status code which indicates success or failure.
It is important that you handle different API response codes properly.
Status Code
A status code of 200 indicates success. There should normally be a body returned with this status code that includes the data or result set.
HTTP 403 means you do not have the correct permissions to perform that operation. It is a fatal error and should not be retried.
HTTP 429 means you have exceeded our rate limiting protection mechanisms. In this case, we recommend implementing a exponential backof mechanism and retrying the request in a short period of time.
HTTP 422 is a response returned on error by the fileio service. In this case, there is an upstream error from the cloud storage provider and the error details can be found in the response.
HTTP 503 normally indicates a capacity issue on our end. Treat this the same as a 429 and implement an exponential back-of mechanism.
HTTP 500 indicates and unexpected error. Check the body for more details and implement a short retry/exponential backoff mechanism.